John Anderson

Depending on your age bracket, your first memory of Florida country singer John Anderson was either 1983's "Swingin'" or 1992's "Straight Tequila Night," which we used to sing in the car to our family, oblivious that it's about a heartbroken woman's agave-aided bender. Along his career path, Anderson has covered songs from Billy Joe Shaver and Lefty Frizzell to Bobbys Womack and Dylan — doing the latter's "Don't Think Twice It's Alright" two years before his success with "Swingin'." By the time he hit the big time again in the early '90s — just when country was dominating the airwaves and cash registers — Anderson was a seasoned road warrior. 1992's Seminole Wind came preloaded with hits like the title track, Tony Joe White's "Steamy Windows" and the aforementioned "Tequila." Last year's Bigger Hands is yet another return to form, tackling old topics like drinking, loving and a quick jaunt to Hawaii, of all places.


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