Joshua Radin

Joshua Radin isn't quite the sap master you might think.

If you watch prime-time television, you've probably already heard of Joshua Radin -- his songs are regularly part of the Brothers and Sisters, Scrubs, North Shore and Grey's Anatomy soundtracks. His mellow, intensely meaningful acoustic tunes are perfect for one-last-look-love affair moments on angsty television dramas and end credits. But here's your chance to hear Radin live, sans commercials. Touring in support of his major-label debut CD We Were Here, Radin is not quite the sap master his television playlist might indicate. Yes, his ballads are whispered yearnings and murmured desires. Yes, a mournful cello underscores almost every tune on We Were Here. And yes, his "Closer" video is a heartfelt, quiet plea (So we're alone again/I wish it were over/we seem to never end/only to get closer to the point where I can take no more), but it's all very well crafted and, if you're in the right mood, very touching.

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