Joss Stone

Legend has it that velvet-voiced teenage British soul sensation Joss Stone was all set to launch a career as a Britney Spears clone when, at the last moment, she heard some vintage Miami soul from Betty Wright, became transfixed, hurried on down to Scarface City and instead launched this career -- as an old soul singing, well, old soul. I don't really buy that -- every interview I've ever read with her or seen on TV finds her talking about all the Aretha her mum blasted at her from birth on. At any rate, Stone's positively choogling remake of the White Stripes "Fell in Love with a Boy," which she recorded with the Roots, is currently in heavy rotation on VH1, alongside Norah Jones's "Sunrise," OutKast's "Roses" and the latest offerings from SwitchBackHoobaNickelStankFoot. Three out of four ain't bad.


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