Journey, Pat Benatar

For a band that once called an album Raised on Radio, Journey has proved remarkably adept at digital media. Consistently ranked near the top of iTunes' Rock Songs ("Don't Stop Believin'") and Rock Albums (Greatest Hits) charts, they're probably as popular now as they've ever been. Of course, the San Francisco band featuring a couple of Santana refugees did take several years to really get going, adding singer Steve Perry in time for 1978's Infinity, their true breakthrough album on the back of singles like "Lights" and "Wheel in the Sky." Journey's fist-pumping anthems and lighter-waving ballads, borne aloft by Perry's sensitive but streetwise vocals, defined album-oriented rock for the next decade before "alternative" became the new mainstream and Journey itself went kaput. Not terribly long after, though, Journey also became one of the first big '70s and '80s bands to stage a high-profile reunion, which briefly included Perry before he and the other guys again went their own separate ways (ouch). After burning through a couple of other singers, in 2007 the remaining members hired the ­Filipino-born Arnel Pineda after spying him fronting a Journey cover band on YouTube; his resemblance to Perry is, to put it mildly, uncanny. Opening Journey's summer 2012 tour is Pat Benatar, whose tough-minded songs like "You Better Run" and "Hit Me with Your Best Shot" have been influencing a new generation of rocker girls two or three times over by now.


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