Jubal Lee Young

Jubal Lee Young comes from exceptional musical bloodlines. Father Steve Young, the Buddhist outlaw, wrote several of Waylon Jennings's biggest hits, plus "Seven Bridges Road," which the Eagles have opened their live shows with for years. Young's mother, Terrye Newkirk, is no slouch as a songwriter herself, with such tunes as "My Oklahoma" to her credit. Born in San Francisco but now living in Muskogee, Oklahoma, Young makes music of the alt-country/Americana sort, and he's blessed with vocal and guitar talents similar to those of his father. It certainly doesn't hurt that on his CDbaby.com, under the 'Artists you'll like if you like Jubal Young,' it lists Bob Dylan, Steve Earle...and Steve Young. Jubal's self-titled 2007 album could have been a Steve Young album itself, but that's not a bad thing, as both father and son bring the goods in every way. This will be Young the younger's first Houston appearance, but surely not the last.


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