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Newsy Stuff: You may remember a cover story by blues historian and Press contributor Jim Sherman that ran in this paper some months ago regarding a certain Roy Ames and his Clarity Music and Home Cooking Records companies. Local blues artists certainly do, and a recent bit of mail from David W. Showalter, attorney at law, informs me that plaintiffs including Leonard "Lowdown" Brown, "Big Walter" Price, Pete Mayes, James "T-99" Nelson, Clarence Green, Joe "Guitar" Hughes and "Big Roger" Collins, among others, filed suit on Aug. 2 against Ames and Jerry and Nina Green and their Collectable Records company. The complaint alleges that Ames illegally procured, and the Greens illegally distributed, material recorded by the plaintiffs -- basically copyright infringement. We'll keep you up to date as the case progresses.

Signs and Scoops: Interscope Records may have already inked a deal with Denton's powerhouse punk/thrash/metal practitioners Brutal Juice, but that's not stopping local Sound Virus Records from releasing I Love the Way They Scream When They Die, a live CD recording culled from Brutal Juice performances at Austin's Emo's in March and April of this year. The CD was released in Houston almost two weeks ago (I keep telling you people to give me some advance on this stuff), but if you missed the party, you can still buy the disc in finer local record shops. And if you fancy yourself an aficionado of hard-ass Texas music, you probably should.

Single of the Week: So what if it's not a real category; when it's this good, you make up a category. Once (and future?) Pain Teen Scott Ayers has palled up with former Pain Teen Dave Parker under the name The Walking Timebombs to release a limited edition of 1,000 singles on local Double Naught Records. The single's called "Hey O.J." b/w "White Bronco," and if the Timebombs aren't the first band to exploit the marketing potential of this "American Tragedy" (right...) on vinyl, I don't know who beat them to the punch. "Hey O.J." starts with sampled news dialogue from TV coverage and descends from there into a sludgy rip-off of Hendrix's "Hey Joe" (sample lyric: "O.J., where you goin' with that gun to your head"). "White Bronco" samples and splices some newscaster into saying "O.J. could be, may be, might be in that car with a gun, and possibly has that gun to his head." No reason to listen to it twice, but as collectors' items go, this is a doozie. My copy's numbered 32 of 1,000, so if you get to Sound Exchange quick, they might have a few left.

Benefits: Thursday night's entry on the benefit front takes place at Big Dogz (formerly Pearl's Cotton Club, 2307 Ella Boulevard), where country band Dakota and Pearl Murray and the Jewels are the early confirmed acts playing to benefit the Diane Robillar Memorial Fund. Robillar, if you haven't heard, is the nine-year-old girl who was murdered in the Heights two Sundays ago, and the Memorial Fund has been established to help pay for funeral costs and a reward fund for information leading to the arrest of the killer(s), who is/are, at press time, still at large. Donations of 5 are requested at the door, and may also be made at any Texas Commerce Bank branch.

Local Stuff... The musical happening of most local interest Thursday night may well be ex-Houstonian Dana Cooper's CD release party for Roughly Speaking at the Mucky Duck (see story in this issue), but Thursday also marks the kickoff of the disjointed three-day (Thursday, Friday and Sunday) Labor Day Music Festival at Fitzgerald's, featuring more young local bands that you've probably never heard of than you can shake a stick at. On tap for Thursday, it's Sloane, Pull My Finger, Reality Ritual and Crinkle Root. Friday night's lineup is Likely Story, Blind Epitome, Stonegate and The Cunninghams, and Sunday, expect Flowerpot, The Unpeople, and Spork. It's so hard to come up with a decent band name these days. Three days, 11 bands and first-on-your-block bragging rights if the kids make it big. Check 'em out.

Back to Friday, Ezra Charles and his revamped Works bring the boogie to the Satellite, and locals Pole and Dead Squad open the bill for D.I. at Harvey's. Facedown's at Laveau's and Groove Turkey plays The Edge. And in the obligatory they're-from-Austin-but-they're-really-good-and-so-I-want-to-plug-them-in-this-space-anyhow category, Texas Instruments is slated for Rudyard's on Friday as well.

There's a reason Fitz' Labor Day shindig skips Saturday night, and it's this: The CD release party for the immodestly titled The Coolest Shit in Texas, a regional compilation put together, and put out, by local label Broken Note Records, brainchild of 30footFALL guitarist Tony Avitia. Locals Taste of Garlic, 30footFALL, Tread, Deth Kultur BBQ, Badger, Vice Grip, Dinosaur Salad and Heel all have slots on the bill (and on the disc), alongside Dallas' monstrous Pervis. Show starts at 5:30 in the afternoon at Fitz, and no, you can't bring your own water.

If that's not enough Saturday night entertainment for you, The Luxurious Panthers are at The Edge, punk mainstays Rusted Shut open for The Mentors at Harvey's and The Alamo Jets land at the Satellite. Over at Laveau's, The Mike

unn headlines the bill, with Wasteband opening, and Milkweed and Facedown are scheduled at Rudz.

Sunday, of course, everybody in his or her right mind will be reeling in the years, again, with Steely Dan at the Pavilion, or alternately, taking the low-budget route by catching a zydeco set from L.C. Donato, with a guest spot from Houston saxophonist Roger Eckstine, at the Silver Slipper. That, I'm told, is a regular Sunday night gig.

Stay home and watch a movie Monday night.
Tuesday, Dune tries to make grunge fly at Munchies, and up north of town, The Mike Gunn and Wasteband are scheduled to reprise their Saturday night set on "Alternative Tuesday" at Hurricane

lley. I'm going to Mexico, hahahahahaha. See ya.


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