Junior Boys

Not TV on the Radio, but not bad, either.

After recording Last Exit in 2004, the electronica-pop duo Junior Boys (Jeremy Greenspan and Johnny Dark) parted ways. That left Greenspan on his own for 2006's So This Is Goodbye (clever), featuring new recruit Matthew Didemus. And even though Dark was given most of the credit for Exit's masterful rhythm structures, his departure did not squash all hopes for Junior Boys' survival.

It's hard to find a music reviewer who isn't embracing Goodbye as one of the best dance records of the year. And while their press hype sets them up as the next TV on the Radio, that's a bit of a stretch. This is not to discount Junior Boys' efforts; the two can hold their own in the realm of a more fitting reference (file under: LCD Soundsystem). Using drum machines, keyboards and probably a laptop, the group creates a handful of interesting new-wave-style musings. Their mellow dance numbers have them primed for all those indie hipsters who want to dance but are too pretentious for "dropping it like it's hot."

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