Kate Voegele

Everywhere we look — USA Today, iTunes, the CW — we see 21-year-old Cleveland singer-songwriter Kate Voegele's face. There she is — singing songs from, talking about and inviting you to download her debut album, Don't Look Away. Voegele has been slowly building buzz over the past couple of years with her personal pop tunes, which are about the sort of things you'd expect someone who started writing songs as a teenager to get all serious about. She's sharp and insightful — traits that undoubtedly attracted the attention of the producers of the CW's One Tree Hill. Voegele appeared in several episodes of the tween drama, playing a singer-­songwriter who looks and sounds an awful lot like...Kate Voegele; the exposure catapulted Don't Look Away to the top of several charts. We have a feeling this is only the beginning. — Michael Gallucci


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