Keith Sweat

You know what's funny? We don't think we've heard an original Keith Sweat song in a decade, maybe since "My Body," the smoldering late-'90s slow jam he did with Johnny Gill and the late Gerald Levert when they briefly formed the soul-singing supergroup LSG. It's probably fair to say that the man's glory days, when he was a card-carrying member of the New Jack Swing brigade as yet another crooner singing funky, Teddy Riley-produced numbers, are far behind him. And yet a Keith Sweat concert doesn't sound like a bad idea. Hearing the Harlem native belt out some of his classic hits in his trademark nasally tone seems more appealing these days than seeing one more callow, roughneck wannabe trying to get teenage girls moist with their pelvis-thrusting theatrics and routine singing range. Sweat is a performer who reminds audiences that there are singers out there who are still putting it down for the grown and sexy.


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