Keller Williams

Known primarily for performing live as a one-man band, Keller Williams had the chance to collaborate with many of his personal heroes on his new release Dream (that explains the CD's title). Joining the singer-songwriter for this project are Bob Weir, Michael Franti, Charlie Hunter, Bla Fleck, Victor Wooten, Steve Kimock, John Scofield and The String Cheese Incident, among several others. The disc includes 16 tracks, each a different collaboration with its own sound. Although all the material on the CD was written by Williams, he chooses for the most part to remain in the background and allow his guests to shine. At times, he opts to merely play bass rather than his signature 12-string guitar.

Don't let the iconic lineup fool you, though. This is still Keller Williams. His lyrics are as lighthearted, humorous and quirky as ever. Nowhere is this more evident than when Williams is joined by Weir on "Cadillac," where he describes cruising in his '59 convertible with passengers Buddha, Krishna and Santa Claus, alongside Allah "riding shotgun" and "Jesus riding 'bitch' because he's good like that." The song also includes Weir's dog Jackson Hamlet barking in rhythm. One of the more musically impressive tunes is "People Watchin'." The track, which features Fleck and Wooten, finds the three musicians harmonizing at dizzying speeds, combining both jazz and bluegrass. Although Dream is a departure from Williams's live performances, fans will still find it enjoyable and uplifting from beginning to end. With the vast array of talent and musical styles on this release, not only is it a dream come true for the artist, but perhaps for the listener as well.


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