Kevin Carroll

Kevin Carroll's new pop rock songs might surprise fans who are used to him as a sideman for Jimmy Lafave.
Damon Daood

Guitarist-for-hire Kevin Carroll has earned his keep playing with Charlie Robison and Jimmy LaFave. But fans might be surprised to know that on the soon-to-be-released Tourmaline, the kinky-haired Austinite delivers some deeply layered pop songs that have a strong affinity for the music stylings of the late George Harrison. "Give It Away" is a gentle Beatles-esque pop rocker, and "Another Way" has that mystical, slightly spooky vibe that Harrison had mastered so well. Jaunty rockers like "Speed of Night" and "Box of Wine" come with penetrating lines like "Let's tie one on before I take the cure / You never know how it will be / Don't get me wrong, I just want to make sure / That they won't see the best of me" and guitar riffs you can't get out of your head for hours. The quality of Carroll's guitar playing comes as no surprise; it's the level of his songwriting that is the real eye-opener on Tourmaline. For this appearance, Carroll is traveling with percussionist Mike Meadows from porterdavis and Rana, as well as singer/songwriters Rana and Elaine Greer.

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