Kid Koala

Chinese-Canadian turntablist Eric San, better known as Kid Koala, isn't your regular bread-and-butter DJ. He's your mom's favorite DJ. He suffers from carpal tunnel syndrome. With his decade-long tenure in Ninja Tune and lengthy collaboration résumé, it's easy to understand why some of his best friends are DJs. He's observant and diligent, with a well-trained ear, lightning-quick fingers and an acute case of ADHD. His lively mix-mastery of the turntables creates a unique language, like a musical See 'n Say that warbles, belches, swallows and regurgitates various sound clips, at-home tutorials, old-time ragtime records, funky breaks and rocking riffs onto the same plate. He's also the comic-illustrating genius behind his too-cute album artwork, and a 300-page book he self-published. Consider it a real treat to see this playful DJ performing as part of the Museum of Fine Arts' popular Mixed Media Music Series, surrounded by the "Red Hot: Asian Art Today" exhibit featuring the equally playful works of Takashi Murakami and Yoshitomo Nara.


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