Kinks DVD Shorts UK Celluloid Heroes

Kinks DVD Shorts UK Celluloid Heroes

The story of this most quintessentially English (and sadly underrated) of the British Invasion bands makes for a fascinating tale: The music, the stylistic changes, the concept albums, and the battling Davies brothers. Unfortunately, that DVD tale remains to be told. For while this rock doc technically delivers on the promise of its title, it is done in the most slapdash and unimaginative way possible. Utilizing languid still photos, concert footage of full songs culled entirely from one '60s appearance and one '80s gig, and a handful of latter-day MTV videos, You Really Got Me really blows an opportunity to show why the music of the Kinks matters and how they stood alone among other groups in their style and subject matter. It's not helped by the fact that the narration - written with the most generic of facts and delivered in the driest way possible - almost itself seems like a parody of documentary narration. The film's only saving graces are the interviews from a few years ago with Ray Davies, Dave Davies and drummer Mick Avory. Their insight, memories, and commentary are interesting, crucial and sadly underused. For Kinks completists only. ABC Entertainment, 89 minutes, $18.95.


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