Knowledge Reigns Supreme Over Nearly Everyone, or KRS-One as he's known to his close personal friends, is a towering and seminal figure in hip-hop. He's often praised for spawning the concept of the Lyrically Judged MC Battle (see: the destruction of MC Shan), laying the foundation for the hardcore ideology of gangsta rap (see: Criminal Minded) and, ironically, his charitable work within the Stop the Violence Movement, which he founded 20 years ago. While regarded as a pioneer of the genre — Scarface acknowledges the South Bronx native as an inspiration in the closing moments of his latest LP, Emeritus — KRS-One has largely fallen out of favor with most radio stations, although that should hardly be read as a criticism of his talent. Most Houstonians, in fact, may remember him most recently from his 2002 dust-up at Fitzgerald's, in which a pre-performance deposit went unpaid and eventually rolled itself into a great big mob of angry people itching to tear down the joint. We expect this event will not be mentioned when The Teacha takes the stage at The Meridian as part of the Stop the Violence Movement tour. — Shea Serrano


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