KTRU Outdoor Show

The absolute perfect way of taking in the sounds of Norway's 120 Days is to listen to the group on a late-night drive along a very dark, desolate road. Their music, fueled by an electronic engine, throbbing rhythm, percussive acceleration, seizing, winding guitars and a big, ghostly voice complete with cryptic, lost lyrics, is to a misguided, wandering late-night traveler what an ephedrine tablet is to a trucker after 600 miles. Why stop when there's plenty more road to cover and a badass soundtrack that transports you right onto the Autobahn, with NEU! riding shotgun and U2 sitting bitch?

It's hard to imagine a group like 120 Days playing outside in the middle of a field with the sun out, but chances are, when they hit the stage at the annual KTRU Outdoor Show, everything will feel a whole lot darker.


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