Kurtis Blow

Well, Kurtis Blow is coming to town, and one can't help but have this aching suspicion that there will be two types of people at the show: the serious, back-in-the-day fans who honestly want to see an old pro in action, and the young schmucks who view his appearance as some sort of campy and ironic hip-hop cabaret show. Oh, yes, and there will be those who see him as a washed-up throwback to the early days of rap, way-way-way before 50 Cent and all these bulletproof vest-wearing young bucks juiced up the game. The following will sound so clichéd, but if it weren't for dudes like Blow laying down the foundation, cats like 50 would probably be pumping gas at a Chevron right about now. So, to all the old-school fans, if you bump into any of those new-school snobs at this event, do us all a favor -- punch 'em out and tell 'em to show some respect!


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