Kyuss Lives!, The Sword

Where hardcore's Black Flag left off in 1986 with a sludgy and chest-beating bluster, two years later Kyuss picked up the bong, er baton, to create the template for all down-tuned, blistering stoner metal to come. Over four albums from 1991 to 1995, the desert-partying band, led by lead singer John Garcia and young guitar prodigy/future Queens of the Stone Age mastermind Josh Homme, put their green stamp on hard rock, (slowly) cranking out a catalog that continues to ignite amps and brains 20 years later. Just give 1992's Blues for the Red Sun a spin and pick out everything today's bands are faithfully lifting from them. Quite simply, without Kyuss you have no Mastodon, Fu Manchu, Wolfmother or any other group full of greasy-haired, tattooed heathens. The band, now billed as Kyuss Lives!, is hitting the road again (sadly sans Homme) for a nostalgic trip back to those first four albums, with Austin's The Sword in tow for a one-two metal punch into your gut. The Sword is steadily growing into one of the sturdiest metal acts of the past two decades themselves, so obviously this show is why the Lord invented ear protection.


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