La Dispute

La Dispute is a band that the younger scene will deem way more important than the old guard will, which is the way it should always be. The eight-year-old Michigan band's brand of post-hardcore and experimental expanses has cultivated a following that hangs on lead singer Jordan Dreyer's every anguished word. Older fans who grew up on New Jersey's similarly brained Thursday and the recently reunited At the Drive-In will find themselves right at home in front of La Dispute, and the new kids on the block will find their heads sizzled by the group's husky plunges into volume. The group really soars, though, on their more melodic spoken passages, which could be seen as hokey, but Dreyer and the band manage to sell it with plenty of heart. Let's call this blues for '90s babies who find themselves surrounded on all sides. La Dispute's most recent outing, Wildlife, made it to No. 135 on the Billboard charts, with production work from Thursday keyboardist Andrew Everding.


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