L.A. Honky-Tonk King Mike Stinson Moves to... Houston?

It was official at 1:45 a.m. this early morning: Mike Stinson, king of the L.A. honky-tonkers - author of Dwight Yoakam's "The Late Great Golden State," among many others - has arrived in Houston. And this is not just a visit.

Stinson recently told LOM that after several trips to Houston in the last four years he liked Houston a lot and was thinking he needed a change of scene from L.A. after 11 years there.

"People kept telling me I ought to move to Austin," Stinson says, "but the more I thought about it and how many of my old L.A. friends have relocated there, I just thought, "no." I don't really know why, but Houston just seems like my kind of town. I've loved it every time I've played here."

Stinson is currently staying at a friend's house in the Heights and looking for an apartment. His first gig as a Houstonian is Under the Volcano August 5.

Look for an extensive interview with Stinson in the July 30 print edition of the Press.


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