L.A. Rapper Gets Signed, Eats A Roach

L.A. Rapper Gets Signed, Eats A Roach

The members of Odd Future Wolf Gang Kill Them All - or Odd Future, if you're into the whole brevity thing - have been on the online radar since last summer, and have already managed to make the Coachella cut and late-night talk-show circuits in 2011.

At the outset, however, the most recognized hip-hop blogs refused to post any Odd Future material. Nahright and 2dopeboyz still have yet to acknowledge the collective's irrefutable effect on hip-hop's youth. By August, Pitchfork and Fader recognized Odd Future's art and distinctiveness, and began posting what their hip-hop counterparts so vehemently denied.

Soon MTV's RapFix listed the group on their list of most anticipated 2010-11 albums alongside Kanye West and Nicki Minaj, comparing the group to the likes of the Wu-Tang Clan.

L.A. Rapper Gets Signed, Eats A Roach

Odd Future is made up of irate, innovative 15-18 year old boys from L.A. with a knack for delivering incredibly violent lyrics about drugs and murder while seemingly biting the hand that feeds them, i.e. hip-hop blogheads. At a time during their adolescent careers when networking is so essential, they appear to be thriving among an ever-expanding group of anarcho-rap fans without so much as a nod from GZA.

Upcoming Events

Now an Internet favorite, some of the collective will perform on Jimmy Fallon Wednesday night with house band The Roots as their accompaniment. Much to the dismay of Odd Future's fans, ringleader Tyler, The Creator has also just signed a one-album contract with British label XL Recordings.

Many fear the Wolf Gang might evolve into a Wiz Khalifa-Taylor Gang mainstream brand. In true OF fashion, Tyler took to his Twitter to respond to the negative feedback:

L.A. Rapper Gets Signed, Eats A Roach
L.A. Rapper Gets Signed, Eats A Roach

The Creator will be releasing his album, Goblin, in April and has released his single on Itunes and complementary video via Odd Future's Web site. It's WTF-worthy and, to those unfamiliar with the camp's graphic visuals, could be offensive at the very least.

It features a cockroach, vomit, blackout contacts, and a noose. Prepare yourself, it's not safe for work or those with a weak constitution.


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