Ladybug Transistor

Ladybug Transistor in New York's only carpeted subway car.

Longtime Ladybug Transistor drummer San Fadyl passed away shortly before the release of April's Can't Wait Another Day, succumbing to the severe asthma attacks he'd been fighting for a year. This is tragic enough in itself, but Can't Wait... finds the Brooklyn quintet at the top of their game. "This Old Chase" is a monolithic, Springsteen-esque rocker that jumps out of the middle of the Rhodes-steeped album like...well, hell, a monolith. Not quite what you might expect from these alumni of the storied Elephant 6 collective, who have managed to master their delicate sonic aesthetic amidst ever-shifting expectations and numerous lineup changes. Through it all, Ladybug Transistor defies definition by filling the spaces between, but now I want to hear them cover "Atlantic City." — Chris Henderson

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