Ladybug Transistor

Longtime Ladybug Transistor drummer San Fadyl passed away shortly before the release of April's Can't Wait Another Day, succumbing to the severe asthma attacks he'd been fighting for a year. This is tragic enough in itself, but Can't Wait... finds the Brooklyn quintet at the top of their game. "This Old Chase" is a monolithic, Springsteen-esque rocker that jumps out of the middle of the Rhodes-steeped album like...well, hell, a monolith. Not quite what you might expect from these alumni of the storied Elephant 6 collective, who have managed to master their delicate sonic aesthetic amidst ever-shifting expectations and numerous lineup changes. Through it all, Ladybug Transistor defies definition by filling the spaces between, but now I want to hear them cover "Atlantic City." — Chris Henderson


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