Larry Jon Wilson: Larry Jon Wilson

>With a sonorous voice and brooding storytelling, Georgia country singer Larry Jon Wilson haunted the outskirts of 1970s Nashville, releasing four albums now considered out-of-print treasures. Wilson never followed the rules required for stardom; he once wrote a song called "Drowning in the Mainstream," and more recently took a 25-year hiatus from recording. After a few tracks here and there, he was lured back for this very special outing, set to tape two years ago. With just a few fans and friends present to man the gear, Wilson lets loose with a clutch of originals, covers and fleeting anecdotes. These dozen tracks let Wilson's persuasive vocals and acoustic guitar fill the room, though the Black Swans' Noel Sayre added a few peals of violin later. The sessions' one-take nature makes the impressive medleys "Loser Trilogy" and "Whores Trilogy" all the more so, and on the soul-influenced "Throw My Hands Up," Wilson sings, "Music City's tryin' to break me, man / It never knew how to take me." This heart-stopping collection won't change that, but it sure does illuminate the 68-year-old's understated power and empathic ear.


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