Larry Tee, W.I.T.

Originally from Atlanta, Larry Tee has been on the New York dance scene for the better part of 25 years. Tee co-wrote the RuPaul hit "Supermodel" and is famed as a promoter of many of those swanky Gotham soirees at which musicians like Prince and the members of New Order arranged a little sex in the city with randy supermodels and burgeoning starlets. But it was his penchant for mixing radically different musical genres and art forms that led to the creation of the Electroclash movement. Take equal parts new wave, techno, punk, hip-hop and performance art, put it in a blender and chill it on down over ice and take a trip to the house that Larry built. (Tee coined and trademarked the term, and remains the big kahuna in the scene.) Supervixen power trio W.I.T. opens the show, and two of those girls look like Traci Lords. Need we say more?

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