Law and Order: Top 10 Best (Or Worst) Musicians' Arrests

Law and Order: Top 10 Best (Or Worst) Musicians' Arrests

Nobody is above the law - not even musicians even though some of them may think they are. However, some of their outrageous behavior has become legendary. Others have spawned rumors, killed their careers and/or made them the butt of many jokes.

In fact, this makes me wonder why there is not a celebrity edition of Cops.

10. Jerry Lee Lewis waves a pistol at Graceland: Jerry Lee Lewis likes to cause an uproar. One night, in November 1976 he decided to go to Graceland and see Elvis at 3 a.m. The security guard, Elvis' cousin, wouldn't let him. So what does The Killer do: Breaks out a .38 caliber pistol and says "I'm gonna get in one way or another." Lewis was arrested and charged for public drunkenness and gun possession by Memphis police.

9. Sebastian Bach bites a bar owner: Former Skid Row frontman Sebastian Bach is known for having a temper. This particular incident happened in 2010 in Ontario, Canada, when he got into a fight with the bar owner because the bar owner would not let him take his wineglass with him. The owner of the bar tried to restrain him so he bit him. According to TMZ, the cops also found two grams of weed on him. Bach was charged with marijuana possession, mischief and assault.

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8. Jefferson Airplane/Starship's Grace Slick and Abbie Hoffman try to drug the President: Back in the '60s and '70s, Grace Slick was the outspoken front woman for Jefferson Airplane. She, like then-President Nixon's daughter Tricia, was also an alumna of Finch College. Once President Nixon held a tea party for the alumni of the college, including Slick.

In true Grace Slick fashion, she attended the party and brought along radical activist Abbie Hoffman as her date. However, there was a catch: they were going to spike President Nixon's tea with 600 micrograms of LSD -- a somewhat considerable high dosage. However, their efforts were thwarted when they were caught after being recognized by White House security. After that, Slick was placed on the FBI blacklist.

7. Bobby Brown get in a fight and gets arrested... at Disney World: Bobby Brown was, at one time, known more for his music AND bad boy persona. However, his bad boy persona seemed to overshadow his music career - such as the time he was arrested at Disneyworld. Bobby and his former wife, the late Whitney Houston, were at Disney World in 1995 when he decided to go to Mannequins, a local bar at Disney World's now-defunct Pleasure Island.

He started flirting with another woman, then another man also tried to get the attention of the same woman. Brown got angry and assaulted the man. The victim needed 6 surgical staples in addition to the 8 stitches needed to reattach his ear. However, things got real interesting when Brown was arrested: he needed to go to the bathroom so he peed all over the back of the police car.

6. Lisa "Left Eye" Lopes burns her boyfriend's mansion down: In the '90's, TLC was the super-R&B group. However even those at the top can have a lit fuse. One night, her and boyfriend NFL star Andre Rison got into an argument at his Atlanta mansion. Lopes threw a pair of Rison's sneakers into a fiberglass tub and lit them on fire for revenge for his abuse. However, the fire melted the tub, therefore it eventually spread and gutted the mansion.

According to VH1 Classic's Behind the Music Remastered, Lopes confessed and pled guilty to first-degree arson after turning herself in and got a $10,000 fine, placed in a diversion program for first-time offenders, and served 5 years probation. Sadly, Lopes died in a car wreck in Honduras while on a spiritual retreat in 2002.

5. Janis Joplin encourages the crowd to dance, and gets arrested: Kids, badmouthing a cop doesn't bail you out. It gets you put in jail and that is exactly what happened to the legendary Janis Joplin one day while performing in 1969 in Tampa, Fla. Everyone in the crowd was dancing and the cops told her to tell the audience to calm down. She resisted and cursed at them. Therefore she was arrested. Later, the charges were dropped.

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