"Le Kick": Proof American Fangs Is Houston's Best Band?

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"Le Kick": Proof American Fangs Is Houston's Best Band?

It may come as some surprise to readers that we here at Rocks Off are not always 100 percent up to date on every single thing happening in local music. For instance, in a shameful bit of negligence, yesterday was the first time we'd heard a Mechanical Boy song. We have to admit an equal ignorance of American Fangs.

Now that we've met them, it's possible that they may actually be the best band in Houston.

On the surface, "Le Kick" is just another powerful, punk-derived screamfest set over a party montage that reminds Rocks Off how much we loved the movie Can't Hardly Wait. But underneath the simplicity is a display of timing, tone and musical talent that makes it more than just the sum of its parts.

Part of the video's amazing success is its stellar cinematography. A lot of vids don't make it onto the daily video simply because the filmmakers show no sense of composition or movement. Here, everything is developed to a razor's edge of perfection, and nothing is out of place. That, and singer Gus is the more fun to watch than monkey kung-fu. We wish the Fangs lots of luck on their upcoming tour.


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