Veteran Brit-punks Leatherface have easily one of the most iconic sounds in their genre. With lead singer and guitarist Frankie Stubbs's raspy yelp and the band's straight-ahead yet snaky sound, Leatherface's fingerprints are on most every band that has come after them. Stubbs and company's influence is evident in '90s emo forerunners Jawbreaker, and even today in poppier groups like Alkaline Trio and Against Me!. Leatherface's new LP, The Stormy Petrel, is already being hailed as the best punk slab of 2010. Even after 20 years of constant use, Stubbs's voice has aged like a fine wine, adding an astonishing nuance and maturity to Petrel. If you still miss Hüsker Dü but don't dig on any of front man Bob Mould's solo work, Leather­face will assuredly sate your appetite. Craig Hlavaty


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