Lebanon, Snake Trap

If anywhere on Earth ought to produce turbulent, conflicted music, it's that arid region known in the Bible as Canaan and Judea, by most people nowadays as Palestine, and by Jews, Muslims and Christians alike as home. The four young Tel Aviv natives known as Lebanon knit such contradictions into debut Planet Rubble (Australian Cattle God), veering from pastoral post-rock to Mastodon-like metal to freakout jazz and back again, but unlike their homeland, the album never feels unstable. It was recorded live in Bellingham, Washington at the end of the group's first U.S. tour last fall, though, so the overwhelming exhaustion and release that often result in fiery performances on a tour's last few shows are abundant. At Proletariat, Lebanon is starting a tour that will eventually lead them to CMJ in New York, but maybe they'll be nursing a nasty case of jet lag from the flight over. Austin labelmates Snake Trap never have to worry about getting dropped — guitarist Lee Brooks and drummer Bryan Nelson own Australian Cattle God — and share Lebanon's penchant for wide-ranging dynamics and vivid instrumental colors, albeit with a side dose of sick Texas humor that results in titles like "Four Sores and Seven Beers Ago."

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