Les Savy Fav, with 764-HERO and Swearing at Motorists

Les Savy Fav is a group of skilled musical surgeons soaring through complicated rock operations. The Brooklyn band stitches the intense, quickly changing rhythms of emo into the body of driving indie-pop songs, then adds robotic melodies of industrial noise. Go Forth, the art school act's third release, still exposes plenty of raw nerves, starting with the band's sharp lyrics. Whether the topic is falling in familial love with your captors ("Adopduction") or jabbing at the capitalist structure ("Sometimes jobs turn to vacations / but I must always earn / Still waiting for standing ovations/ for filing my tax return"), LSF generates multiple meanings under a thick, cynical skin. Their delivery shifts between shouted lines and actual singing, and the music is equally moody, oscillating between hammered guitars with clipped drums and ebullient melodies crackling with excitement.


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