Leslie Newman Memorial

Leslie Newman was such a soft-spoken, mild-mannered man that we never synced up the retail runner and deliveryman who worked here at the Houston Press for years with the Old Quarter-ish singer-songwriter who was a staple of Last Concert Cafe's musical menu for even longer. It was the way Newman, who passed away from cancer in May, wanted it. "He wasn't out there pushing himself on people like a lot of musicians can do," says Randy Woodard, Newman's friend and bandmate of several years in the Westmount Houston Boys. "He was just very good at what he did, which is write these songs that were like little novels." (Newman had an English degree from UT, Woodard notes, and put it to good use.) Sunday, Woodard and Newman's other surviving bandmates Damion O'Grady, Kirk Schafter and David O'Dea will host a free tribute at Last Concert. Scheduled to appear are his fellow folkies Ben Collis, Paul Burnett, Pauline Knox, Randy Wall, David Fahl and Greg Tsamouris, and very special guest son James Everett Newman. Other musicians are invited to sit in, and copies of Newman's final CD, Don't Worry About Me, will be available for free.


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