Lightning Bolt

At first it might seem a strange statement to make about a band as loud and abrasive as Lightning Bolt, but listening to this enigmatic Rhode Island-spawned duo is a very Zen experience. The hypnotic, largely abstract nature of their work forces the listener to experience the whole of the music in a very direct way, rather than listening to or focusing on any one part. Then, when the band has absorbed you entirely into its stream of sounds, things begin to become clear. Themes emerge from within the overall sonic scatter; repeated patterns shift almost imperceptibly; riffs uncloak themselves and spray into the atmosphere, instantly dissolving back into the whitewash behind them. None of it happens for long enough or obtrusively enough to force one's focus, but rather with just enough emphasis to create a sensation of ebb and flow or, more accurately, of rising and falling. It's like a front-row seat for the creation and destruction of the universe, on a cosmic time scale.


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