Li'l Cap'n Travis

From the sound of "My Ship Is Coming In," a smooth-as-silt track near the end of Li'l Cap'n Travis's latest platter, you'd assume the Austin sextet is manning the helm of a yacht-rock revival. You wouldn't be quite right, but only because the band refuses to tie up in any particular genre. Twilight On Sometimes Island starts out with the overwhelming "Violeta, Diamond of the Everglades" — a song so buoyantly melodramatic, you can almost imagine Austin's filmmakers clambering over each other for the rights to play it in the background as one of their white, depressed protagonists has some kind of indie epiphany — and travels down LCT's familiar back roads of slacker country ("Cherry Chapstick" ), space country ("Regatta"), space rock ("Get Wise to Yourself") and straight-up psychedelia ("Drop of Golden Sun"). With its mix of good times, old times and high times, Twilight is the perfect hair of the dog after a night of drinking away lost loves and lazily chasing new ones.


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