Lil' Keke's 11 Favorite Gangster Movies

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Lil' Keke's 11 Favorite Gangster Movies

As research for an upcoming music feature, we met up with Lil' Keke at his house for an interview this past Wednesday night. Initially, he was about as prickly as Google Images would lead you to believe he is, but he opened up considerably about a few subjects, one of which happened to be gangster movies. Slim Thug is doing this weekly column with where he talks about episodes of that Breaking Bad show, a program we have yet to watch but one that our father champions endlessly. Before you get to assuming that his is a lighthouse for proper taste, know that Papa Serrano also advocates the merits of potted meat and the Dallas Cowboys. We're not sure which one of those two is less palatable. Anyhow, we had intended on having Keke do something similar, but the only TV shows The Don watches are either already off the air (The Wire, The Sopranos) or documentaries (mostly the Mobster series on the Biography Channel). So we put it to Keke to list five gangster movies that everyone needs to see before they die. Hit the jump to see the 11 that he recommended. Yeah, 11. When the Don Ke gets to talking, you just write down what he says and go on about your business. Or did you forget that, Lord have mercy, his mama done raised a real thug?

Lil' Keke's 11 Favorite Gangster Movies

Scarface: This was the first movie he mentioned, but quickly qualified it with a statement about how if he were ranking gangster movies, it would not be his No. 1. Couldn't agree more. It's a good gangster movie, nee, a great gangster movie, but it's not the best. It's probably not even in the top three. The Godfather Trilogy: "Sometimes I'll just get up and watch all three of 'em back to back to back. Goodfellas: Is there a more gut wrenching death in a gangster movie than Joe Pesci's here? We vote no. They managed to make you sad that a horrible, horrible person caught his comeuppance. Somehow it was even more sad than when Caine got gunned down in Menace II Society. Tough stuff. The Usual Suspects: "You can't tell me one person that when they watched this for the first time they knew [Kevin Spacey] was Keiser Soze." Nope. Can you? The only thing more surprising: That this was mentioned in a Greatest Gangster Movies list. Did not expect that.

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