Lindsey Buckingham

When he's not co-fronting one of Fleetwood Mac's sporadic touring spurts with Stevie Nicks, Lindsey Buckingham manages to turn in sturdy solo records. In September 2011, he self-released his sixth solo effort, Seeds We Sow, 11 tracks chock-full of the dizzying guitar picking ("Stars Are Crazy") that has become his career trademark. At times the going gets hokey ("One Take"), but when Buckingham really buckles down with his instrument, you'll forget the syrupy earnestness of his lyrics. Stick around and ignore the schmaltz, and you'll find his melodic gifts are intact ("That's the Way That Love Goes"). This intimate club tour dials down the Mac experience's bombast, with Buckingham front and center plus a few guitars and amps, a rare treat for both old-school Mac fans and newer indie converts.


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