Linus Pauling Quartet

For a band that flies the "stoner-rock" so proudly (and loudly), the Linus Pauling Quartet sure is industrious. Sort of. Although the long-running Houston band hasn't released anything since the vinyl-only All Things Are Light — "Southern rock, sword metal, heavy-as-hell psych, jazz-leaning interludes and gonzo pseudo-ska," the Houston Press's Nicholas L. Hall wrote here in 2007, adding, "the most unwavering element in their music is the band's complete unwillingness to care what anybody else thinks" — they're making up for lost time with two albums on the way. First up is Horns of Ammon, a collection of songs written between 2003 and 2005 when LP4 was in a more melodic frame of mind — although they do close out with 11-minute bong-ripper "HAWG!!!," originally released as part of John Sears's Grey Ghost series. Following early next year is a purported double album, tentatively titled Bag of Hammers, on which the band promises to resume their usual amp-abusing ways.


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