Nothing boosts album sales like having a song performed on American Idol, which is what happened when Idol contestant Chris Daughtry sang "Mystery" from Live's new album Songs from Black Mountain on the show's season-six finale. Not that Live really needed the help. The four-member band has been together for 18 years (more than half their lives) and has sold 20 million records, with two of its seven studio albums going to the top spot on the Billboard charts. But Ed Kowalczyk (vocals), Chad Taylor (guitar), Patrick Dahlheimer (bass) and Chad Gracey (drums) say their new CD, Songs from Black Mountain, is a new beginning. (Signing a fat new contract with Epic Records might have something to do with that.) The first single from Songs is "The River," with a refined and (shudder!) more mature sound than previous releases. This show should be an interesting mix of old and new for the group.


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