Live Shots: Joshua Radin

Live Shots: Joshua Radin

Joshua Radin and 200 of his closest friends were at Warehouse Live last night. Radin, complete with tossled curls and shy grin, performed beautifully. Backed by an upright bass, cello, guitar, percussionist, and background singer (and opening act Schuyler Fisk), Radin spent an hour performing tunes from his last CD, We Were Here, including fan favorite "Closer," and a few cover tunes like Bob Dylan's "Momma You Been On My Mind."

Radin has a nice voice and a low-key stage presence that makes it easy to like him. But here's the rub: All the songs sound alike. "Closer," a heartfelt ballad. "Everything'll Be Alright (Will's Lullaby)," a heartfelt ballad. "Winter," a heartfelt ballad. "These Photographs," yet another heartfelt ballad. Enough already. Though most of his fans seemed happy the entire set was pretty much just one heartfelt ballad after another, I couldn't help but want Radin to tear into something upbeat, some raring, full-out romp. - Olivia Flores Alvarez

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