Liz Isenberg

If music could indeed reach out from a reel of analog tape or a digital file and punch you in the gut, Liz Isenberg would be a prizefighter. But her blows wouldn't yield visible scars or bruises. Instead, the 26-year-old plays a style of singer-songwriter music that punishes from the inside out, thanks to vocals that are situated in that bulletproof space between glee/depression, TMI personal/trying-too-hard distant and raw/cutesy. In 2009, she self-released Indifferent & Imaginary, a keen collection of 15 tunes that listens like a less theatrical CocoRosie. Live, she adds layers of depth with a seasoned vocal/guitar loop technique without overdoing it. Aside from Isenberg's solo project — which, by the way, needs to be picked up by a bigger-name label — she occasionally tours with indie-folk band Deer Tick as a backing vocalist. For her Mango's gig, Isenberg and her acoustic guitar will post up alongside fellow Providence, Rhode Island, tour mate Vio/Miré, a project that leans on extended passages of ambient soundscapes to produce alt-folk.


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