It's 2012, you guys, and if the ship sinks this year, at least LMFAO will die knowing that they tried to rock each and every one of our parties even if we resisted. The duo of Redfoo and SkyBlu is now a viable arena act after years of opening slots, making them dangerous to music snobs and fun for the dudes who look like Pitbull or who think Ke$ha is too arty. The more you try to understand LMFAO, the more you find yourself entangled in their industrial-strength electro-pop, wondering why people aren't inviting you to all of these parties. LMFAO's most recent album, 2011's Sorry for Party Rocking, included "Party Rock Anthem," easily the most-heard song of the past year while also somehow being one of the most reviled. What can you say about a group that can liven up a staid corporate retreat, a vanilla-scented Sweet 16 bash and a car commercial? Shots!


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