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First came Fitzgerald's last year, then Numbers earlier this month, and this weekend Rudyard's becomes the latest Houston nightlife entrenchment to get its 30-year pin. Just like the rest of the time, the earthy Montrose pub tries its best not to play favorites with its ­anniversary-­weekend lineup. It's covered its quirky, eclectic, overcaffeinated indie-rock (Spain Colored Orange, Bring Back the Guns, Three Fantastic, Friday); boozy, raucous, red-eyed garage-punk (Born Liars, Linus Pauling Quartet, Something Fierce, Saturday); and hair-slicking, swing-dancing, shot-­slamming psychobilly (Dolly Rockers, Trian Woodburns, Luxurata, Sunday) bases ­pretty well.

Fitzgerald's, meanwhile, counters with local hardcore/metal fixtures eyeagainst's last hurrah on a hell-raising local bill with the Jonbenet, The Last Place You Look, Supremacy and several more (Friday), and a multi-band extravaganza that turns the club's recent "Leave Your Genre at the Door" night on its ear by daring the likes of Smoke Eaters, Deus Machina, Dine Alone and Full Release to prove "You Ain't Grunge" through their interpretations of '90s pillars Foo Fighters, Toadies, Soundgarden and more (Saturday). That leaves Dan Electro's, which may be a relative newcomer on the scene — it's only been around two decades — but the north Heights club's release show for Fahl and Folk's new disc, Shoulda Known Better, amounts to a summit of Houston folk-blues superpowers. Opie Hendrix, Carrie Ann & the Apocalyptics, Lisa Novak, Rich Hopkins and Larry Cooper are all scheduled to show up and, naturally, sit in (Friday).


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