Los Abandoned

Los Abandoned specialize in upbeat, danceable, bilingual ditties.

Lady P, lead vocalist for Los Abandoned, claims she's classically trained -- on the ukulele! Ah, okay. Lady P does play the ukulele on some of the group's tunes, but thankfully, she's more often on keyboards or rhythm guitar. Still, her ukulele should be right at home at their show at Super Happy Fun Land, where anything goes.

The LA-based group, which includes Don Verde on lead guitar, Vira Lata on bass and Dulce on drums, started in 2001 and is making headway in the crowded alternative Latin field with their frantic, high-energy bilingual ditties. (Their latest CD, Mixtape, includes lyrics like "Conquistarte bien, conquistarte bien, I'm gonna" and "Nada mio es fake /bitch.") Their 2004 self-titled EP featured the single "Van Nuys (Es Very Nice)" and it was strong enough to win them opening slots for Cafe Tacuba, Calexico and Aterciopelados. Most of the tunes, like Lady P's turns on the ukulele, are done tongue-in-cheek, but they're all upbeat and danceable.

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