Los Campesinos!

If you've misplaced your Ritalin or you need some sensory stimulation to prepare for a big test, consider the bratty indie art-punk of Wales's punctuation-abusing Los Campesinos!. Arts & Crafts picked up the group's debut LP, Hold on Now, Youngster, presumably because it sports a stockpile of cathartic hooks as deep as labelmates Broken Social Scene — as it happens, also in Houston this week (Numbers, Monday night) — and Stars. Singers Gareth and Aleksandra Campesinos use their thick brogues to commandeer the minuscule spaces between chiming glockenspiels and sawing violins. With seven members cheerleading the crowd and punk energy bursting at the twee-pop seams, Los Campesinos! figures to be worth a trip deep into Washington Avenue's popped-collar jungle.


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