Lost in Space Fest

Houston has been known as a prime breeding ground for psychedelically inclined musicians ever since the late-'60s heyday of the 13th Floor Elevators, Fever Tree and the Red Krayola. Even so, it's hard to imagine that storied scene being any trippier, more fertile or musically accomplished than the one we have now. Now, at long last, they have their own festival, as a baker's dozen of Texas's most out-there bands take over the rooftop of Midtown coffee shop Khon's for an evening-long journey to the center of your mind. No strangers to Houston, Austin's Weird Weeds and My Education make the, um, trip down 290 to join locals Ghost Town Electric, Defending the Kingdom, Chairs, B L A C K I E, Golden Cities, Slow Motion Rider, Motion Turns It On, Solanae, Limb, Forest and Ghost Mountain. Since all these bands' (at least the ones we've seen) sounds can vary wildly from performance to performance, it's hard to say just what to expect, but with catering by Ray's Franks and two rotating stages illuminated by live film projections against a downtown-skyline backdrop, we can pretty much promise you this first edition of Lost in Space will be a memorable one.

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