Loverboy, Patty Smyth & ­Scandal, Fabulous Thunderbirds

Scoff if you must, but please put a dollar in the Houston Press singalong jar every time you find yourself singing along to "Hot Girls in Love," "Working for the Weekend," "The Warrior," "Tuff Enuff" and any number of other venerable '80s radio staples Saturday. (We're not making this up...we're a little short this month.) Never even pretending to be what some might call a thinking-man's band, Loverboy nonetheless left a sizable imprint on that decade with hooky mullet-rock that soundtracked any number of happy hours and beachside blowouts. Patty Smyth & Scandal, meanwhile, never quite reached the level of Joan Jett or Pat Benatar, but did pen one of the greatest rock kiss-offs of the '80s (or any other decade) in "Goodbye to You." The real ace in the hole Saturday, though, is the Fabulous Thunderbirds. Save Europe and Japan (probably), the rest of the world may know Kim Wilson's crew as the men behind barrel-chested Top 10 hits "Tuff Enuff" and "Wrap It Up," but Texans know them as sturdy and steadfast heirs to the state's vast legacy of stinging guitar blues and swooning swamp pop.


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