You can call Lucero's music Southern rock so long as you put the emphasis on rock. Lucero certainly does. The quartet has been called Memphis's answer to Bruce Springsteen, and there are definite echoes of the Boss in their guitar-driven anthems. They've been “the next big thing” for a few years now, always getting good industry buzz but never quite breaking through. Some of that's bad luck — in 2003, the group released That Much Further West and landed on Rolling Stone's “Hot List,” only to have their record label fold shortly after. With guitars blazing, Lucero usually sings about life in a small town, women and drinking. Their 2005 album Nobody's Darlings saw them step things up and expand their horizons, thanks mostly to producer Jim Dickinson, who's recorded the Rolling Stones, Bob Dylan and the Replacements, among others. In 2006, the group released Rebels, Rogues & Sworn Brothers, whose title seems to sum up the group quite nicely.


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