Lucero set its course for the next decade on the Memphis-based band's 2000 debut, The Attic Tapes. For most die-hard fans, the deal was sealed on the album's second-to-last track, "My Best Girl," as lead singer Ben Nichols chose an acoustic guitar over a woman. Ever since, Lucero has made their bones by soothing drunken, broken hearts of both genders, touring almost year-round and only breaking for Nichols's solo jaunts or recording sessions. The band's breakthrough came three more albums in with 2005's Nobody's Darlings, a polished yet gritty collection of songs about losers and lovers. The band began building extreme underground buzz, and by late 2008 had signed to Universal, releasing the Springsteen-esque 1372 Overton Park the next fall, bringing in some of Black Joe Lewis's Honey Bears on backing brass and dipping into the deep waters of their hometown's R&B roots.


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