Lucinda Williams, with Buick 6

Lucinda Williams goes so far back into Houston's rich musical history it's almost a shame we have to keep writing about her to keep her in the public consciousness. Everyone who's into good roots music should just know by now. I was looking at the artwork — an Anderson Fair calendar from back in the day — on Mickey Clark's new album the other day, and Williams played there twice that month. Her name is in big letters; under it in smaller print are the names Rex Bell and Mickey White — that's right, Townes van Zandt's backing band. Williams has traveled far and wide since, winning Grammys (for 1998's Car Wheels on a Gravel Road and writing Mary Chapin Carpenter's 1994 hit "Passionate Kisses") and legions of fans with her singular vocal style, knife-to-the-bone lyrics and always-killer band. Currently she's riding high on nationwide critical acclaim for last year's Little Honey (Lost Highway), an album that signals yet another step in her evolution as a performer. She's got a rocking new band, Buick 6 (who also open), fronted by guitar badass Eric Schermerhorn, that can bring the bacon and the beans. Anyone who saw her recent Letterman appearance knows Lucinda is rocking and rocking hard. And her smokin' cover of AC/DC's "Long Way to the Top (If You Wanna Rock and Roll)"? Well, I'll see you in the front row.


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