Magnolia City Mixtape: Houston's Grammy Haul, A Brown Dog Affair, New York Times Lauds Houston Symphony, And A Bunch of New Music

Once we realized what she was singing, Rocks Off was hoping Beyonce would include the "Would she go down on you in a theater?" line when the six-time winner sang Alanis Morrissette's "You Oughta Know" at Sunday night's Grammys. She didn't, and she didn't drop the f-bomb either (though she came pretty close), but it was still a great performance. Also, congratulations to Steve Earle and SugarHill engineer Christensen for their Best Contemporary Folk Grammy for last year's Townes . It's probably every local band's dream - jammin' with the big guns. After Yo La Tengo and Times New Viking played Houston Thursday night, TNV got on stage and tooled around with members of the Allen Oldies Band , for an audience of basically... themselves . It sounded pretty epic, especially since after covering The Kinks in their own show, Yo La Tengo covered The Troggs with our local heroes. Can't wait for the Balaclavas record release party on the 13th? Their label, Dull Knife, has posted a few news songs, "Night Worship" and "True Believers," on their MySpace page . "Night Worship" features Dead Roses' Ralf Armin on saxomophone .

Black Math Experiment's Bill Curtner and Remote Junkies' Craig Wade are collaborating on an online comedy series about a band trying to make it big, a la Anvil . Here's episode one of The Brown Dog Affair. Saweet! Another Dave Wrangler remix , this one featuring this year's Village Voice Media SXSW party entertainers the XX . Hey, didja know DJ Dave Wrangler will be spinning tunes for Rocks Off's Washington Shore party? The Steven Burnett's Facebook profile is a fascinating source of information featuring a dozen different things your momma warned you about. He's been posting links to some stuff he's working on with Airon Paul Dugas. Here's "I Am Your Man" and "Come to Me" . Word is both songs are soon to be released on 7-inch. A project Chingo Bling helped produce by Lucky Luciano is online and available for download starting today. Black Congress has a new song , "Defeated," online. And Houston jammers The Jud Johnson Band are releasing their CD, 2010 , Friday at House of Blues.

Math-metal band (a term we love) Omotai is  seeking a new bassist. Christ on a cracker. Another brawl in the Walter's parking lot ? What, are the silverbacks accidentally wandering in from across the street? MCM's boss Mr. Gray attended the Houston Symphony's "The Planets -- an HD Odyssey" performance the weekend before last, and reported back to us, "That shit was pretty awesome." The New York Times thought so too. Yay for showing them fancy Yanks we ain't a buncha hicks down herre. (Via CultureMap .) Speaking of, Mr. Gray needs some research help from our readers. "Local musicians, sound engineers, etc.: Has your hearing been affected by too many nights in front of a stage or a monitor? Please email with your experiences." Have something that should be included in Magnolia City Mixtape? Leave a comment below or email brittanieshey (at) gmail (dot) com.

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