It's been a good year for Maná. Drama y Luz, the Mexican rock group's latest album and first studio LP in five years, debuted at No. 5 on the Billboard 200, eventually taking over the top spot on both the Latin and Latin Pop charts. First single, "Lluvia al Corazó," written by Maná front man Fher Olvera, debuted at No. 1. (Drummer Alex González, guitarist Sergio Vallin and bassist Juan Diego Calleros round out the quartet.) With 25 million records sold over the last two decades, Maná is the longest lasting, best-selling Latin rock band of all time, winning several Grammys to boot. The key to the group's enviable success has been its ability to grow and evolve while remaining true to its own sound, not easy with fans spread out around the world and the changing face (and Americanization) of Latin rock. Given its current wave of success, the group should be in good form for its two Houston shows.


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