Mandy Moore

Mandy Moore -- What a chore it is, keeping tabs on all these warbling, blue-eyed, blond-haired waifs. There are the usual suspects: Britney Spears, who leads to Christina Aguilera, who leads to Mandy Moore, who leads to Jessica Simpson, who leads to Hoku, who -- where the hell is this going? They all sing the same damn song, just with different lyrics. Yet at least one of these gals is making the most of her 15 minutes. Fifteen-year-old Moore is becoming an instantly recognizable face, even if you haven't heard any of her songs yet. Just the way her marketing people planned it.

Free of cosmetic augmentation, her sunny, freckled mug has graced the covers of just about every teen magazine out there. She has been a model for Blue Asphalt clothing and Neutrogena, and even has her own beach-set show on MTV, where she fields video "dedications" from bathing suit-clad passersby. Perhaps the reason Moore is hanging in there is that, unlike most of these lollipop divas, she actually looks like the kind of adolescent, milk-fed girl next door whom boys would pine for when not amusing themselves with their PlayStations.

And, oh, yeah, she's not a half-bad singer, either.


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