Marc Anthony, Marco Antonio Solis and Laura Pausini

He's baaaaaack! Puerto Rican salsero Marc Anthony (also known as the current Mr. J. Lo) is on the concert circuit yet again. He was on the road last summer with crooner Alejandro Fernandez and fellow islander Chayanne. Now he's joined up with Mexican singer-songwriter Marco Antonio Solis (of Los Bukis fame) and Italian-turned-Latina Laura Pausini for the Juntos en Concierto tour. All three have snatched up Latin Grammy Awards recently, so there's no question the trio can sing, but it is an odd grouping: Puerto Rican salsa, Mexican pop, and Italian love songs. Each artist has his or her own large fan base -- it's just not clear if any of those fans have ever met each other before. Three very different styles, sung in three languages to three distinct audiences. It's going to be hit-and-miss as to who goes home happy.

Anthony was named the "Best-Selling Salsa Artist" by the Guinness Book of World Records a couple of years back, but don't confuse "Best-Selling" with "Best-Sounding." He is more of a showman than a singer, and while he usually gives a very good performance, it is a show, not a concert. For many, Anthony's tendency to forsake the music for the sake of dramatic presentation wears thin after a few songs. It's also telling that he hasn't hit the road alone, but repeated his "Me and my two best-selling best friends" tack to draw in crowds. Musically, it will probably be Solis who delivers.


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